Sunday, November 25, 2007

Seattle Waterfront

I took a walk around the Seattle waterfront on Black Friday with Rich. It was a good day for infrared. It was also a good day to watch this random guy play his guitar near the Pike's Place Market. He had a guitar in his hands, a harmonica around his neck, and some percussion bells around his ankle. And he managed to work a hula hoop the whole time. It got better (but I didn't get a picture), he turned his guitar upside down and balanced it on his chin (still working the hoop). Then he played it like that!! (while still working the hula hoop). Dang.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Tiger Mountain View

Remember the paragliding story from September? Nevermind. These pictures are from the launching zone where I took off.
C and I hiked up here one Sunday morning when we needed some exercise and the weather was cooperating. Lovely views of Mt. Rainier (the active volcano, and next in line to explode) looking closer than it really is.

Gas Works Park, Seattle

Only some of these pictures are from Gas Works Park in Seattle. The others are from the Japanese Garden around the corner. I discovered that water absorbs so much infrared light that it is usually completely black to an IR camera. But at the right angle it makes an excellent mirror. When I turn a reflection-on-the-water picture upside down it has a wild effect.

Gas Works is colorful even in the rain. And it's fun to watch the float planes take off from Lake Union.

The Wind

A couple weeks ago the wind picked up around here. It made for some dramatic weather shots. I drove across the I-90 bridge after work and then took a picture of what I'd just driven through. I had driven as close as I could to the side where the waves were and got hit twice by water washing over the side. It was sweet. While I stood there the sun broke through and I had about 5 minutes to shoot those beams of light over Beacon Hill. Exposing correctly was a challenge. And it took some heavy processing to get them to look like what I saw.