Monday, July 21, 2008

Lake Dorothy - Backpacking

C and I got away for the weekend to Lake Dorothy. The weather was perfect, the hike was relatively easy, and the food was delicious. We drove down what has to be the best maintained 9 miles of gravel road I've ever seen to the trail head. 15 minutes into the hike we crossed a photogenic bridge where a few rivers seem to meet. Then we climbed stairs for an hour to get to the lake. We went to the far side of the lake, about 2 miles, to set up our tent. Then I walked around in the freezing water while C read a book on the shore. I think we both fell asleep on the rocks and C claims I snored once, but I don't believe it. After we wore ourselves out relaxing we ate dinner and went to bed.
I was shocked how many people bring inflatable rafts and paddle around on the lake. I was only a little jealous because there are many small islands in the middle of the lake that look like fun.
On the way out we stopped at the bridge near the trail head and C read some more while I took hordes of pictures and went swimming. The rocks are mostly flat and slippery but I couldn't seem to slide very well. I definitely want to go back and shoot those low falls with a tripod sometime.