Tuesday, May 17, 2011

diy lighting kits ring flash test

If you already know what this thing is, and haven't already, stop reading and add to cart. :)

Easy to assemble. Used my own black tape instead of the included white tape.

Extra bracket does a reasonable job of connecting the camera to flash/ring light. Everything flexed and twisted enough that I wouldn't call it a totally solid connection though.

I plan to add some tape to the edges of the bracket where the flash will rub and scratch it.

My 430EXi fit perfectly in the opening. My 580EXi will require some cutting to get in there. But even that is explained in the instructions.

An interesting "feature" is the rabbit ears or horns of light it produces. I haven't figured out yet if this is my fault or just what it does naturally.

It's less than a foot from the wall here. A lot of light is going straight up and a little forward on either side of the middle hole section.

I still can't think of a reason why this thing isn't worth it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SBX arrives in Elliot Bay Seattle, WA

Either the "visitors" have arrived, or this is the giant x band radar dome on an oil rig that's in Seattle for a make over.