Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Dinner 2007

C and I went to Marc & Heidi's on Christmas Day. They have two really cute kids and two fabulously friendly cats. Purvis is grey, and Cooper is orange. C says her arm is sore from carrying Isadora around. It snowed an inch or two while we were there so we were all excited. I spent a lot of time shooting the cats.

See the rest of the pictures here.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Paramount

C and I went to see Collective Soul, David Gray, and KT Tunstall at the Paramount last night. They were all really great. The keyboard guy for KT banged on a trash can lid for the last song, and Collective's lead singer looks like Sammy Hagar now. Between sets I had to pull out the digicam and shoot the amazing ceiling.

Jingle Bell Run 2007

C and I ran in the jingle bell run again this year. It was cold enough that it snowed a little bit when the race started. Yeah I wore shorts. I ran a lot faster than I thought I would. All because it was an intense sport of weaving through a crowd of slow pokes. The costumes are always great. Thanks to my ability to run with a digicam, everyone can see what running snowflakes look like (trust me, you don't want to see the videos, they'll just make you dizzy). But everyone seemed to love the gingerbread man the most. He turned out to be one of C's bosses!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Seattle Waterfront

I took a walk around the Seattle waterfront on Black Friday with Rich. It was a good day for infrared. It was also a good day to watch this random guy play his guitar near the Pike's Place Market. He had a guitar in his hands, a harmonica around his neck, and some percussion bells around his ankle. And he managed to work a hula hoop the whole time. It got better (but I didn't get a picture), he turned his guitar upside down and balanced it on his chin (still working the hoop). Then he played it like that!! (while still working the hula hoop). Dang.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Tiger Mountain View

Remember the paragliding story from September? Nevermind. These pictures are from the launching zone where I took off.
C and I hiked up here one Sunday morning when we needed some exercise and the weather was cooperating. Lovely views of Mt. Rainier (the active volcano, and next in line to explode) looking closer than it really is.

Gas Works Park, Seattle

Only some of these pictures are from Gas Works Park in Seattle. The others are from the Japanese Garden around the corner. I discovered that water absorbs so much infrared light that it is usually completely black to an IR camera. But at the right angle it makes an excellent mirror. When I turn a reflection-on-the-water picture upside down it has a wild effect.

Gas Works is colorful even in the rain. And it's fun to watch the float planes take off from Lake Union.

The Wind

A couple weeks ago the wind picked up around here. It made for some dramatic weather shots. I drove across the I-90 bridge after work and then took a picture of what I'd just driven through. I had driven as close as I could to the side where the waves were and got hit twice by water washing over the side. It was sweet. While I stood there the sun broke through and I had about 5 minutes to shoot those beams of light over Beacon Hill. Exposing correctly was a challenge. And it took some heavy processing to get them to look like what I saw.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Salmon in Issaquah

I went to the fish hatchery this afternoon and fired off a few rounds. The fish are supposed to head to the right of this man-made waterfall thing to find the hatchery. But a lot of them can't resist flopping against this wall that they'll never get over.

It was really hard to shoot this because you never know where the fish will jump. I found some compositions I liked and held steady until something happened in that small frame. Most of the time I just watched them jump everywhere else with my other eye open. Eventually I caught a few.

I put more of my salmon pictures here

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Salmon & Salmon Days

Living in Issaquah is funny. Every year they close down the streets for the Salmon Days festival. It's really just another street fair, but since it's just around the corner we feel obligated to check it out. The weather was pretty bad this year. But I found a few minutes of near dryness to walk the camera.

Here's picture of a salmon a few days before the festivities when the sun was cooperating. The river running through this festival reeks of dead fish. Yay!

Here's a section of the street with some cool person wearing a coat 10x too big. I love the weather here.

Some dressed up dog that amused me. Not so much for his costume, but because he's perched on this guy.

Here's a band with 3 guitars (not including the bass)! They also had a lead singer and someone working a harmonica. Here's what I think is a little odd besides all that...

This guy was the lead, but he's playing the wrong end of the fret board for that in my opinion.

This guy was the rhythm, but also playing the wrong end of the fret board for that.

Best of all, this guy has capoed the first fret. I hope he's got the volume way down.

Then I walked by some bird presentation. I liked the special bird helmet and the T-shirts in the background.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Birthday Paragliding

Long story.

It goes all the way back to early September when C and I had a big fat party at our condo to celebrate us turning "old" (30). We'd actually decided way back in March to do some paragliding when we got home to Issaquah because we didn't have enough time to do it in Queenstown, NZ. So, we decided we'd go for our birthdays, but specifically, on her birthday. So I made the arrangements.

The instructions were to show up at the landing zone a few minutes before the shuttle left for the top of the hill. So we did. We each had a pilot and they were nice guys. The ride up the hill was shocking. We rode in a nice enough van to a house a few miles up the road. Then everyone got out and hiked a few hundred yards through the woods. Then we piled into a bigger truck with an open bed that where we were to stand, and were surrounded by a frame of well-padded bars. The rest of the road was not maintained at all. It took a few impacts with the frame before I realized why they padded it. We quickly learned to surf with the truck like the pros. As we finally made it to the top of the hill the rain started. Everyone ran under the trees and a few minutes later it let up for a few minutes. The next thing I knew I was flying through the air! It was almost that fast actually. As fast as I could keep up, my instructor strapped me in and shared the bare minimum of information that I would need to get us off the ground. I swear he said we were going to practice before we actually jumped, but my only practice round turned into the real thing. He said "run" and I did. The ride was super sweet. He took me on one really tight turn that had me plastered to my seat. We sank like a fat rock and before I knew it we were landing. The landing was smooth, we came in fast along the ground and all I did was keep up with it. Then I looked up and waited for C to fly through the air behind me. But a half hour later I over heard that her pilot didn't like the conditions and was giving up for the day. The birthday girl wasn't happy. After another false start 5 days later, she finally ran off the mountain on a bright sunny day and had a great flight with a spectacular landing. The final flare didn't quite work and they came down more than across the field. C tried to run but the instructor didn't.

I sat on the landing zone and shot pictures of the whole thing.

A few minutes before she came down some beginner overshot the huge field and landed in blackberry bushes. Sorry I didn't get pictures of that. I did get some other interesting shots. One of a crazy dude practically collapsing his wing high above the ground and still recovering. The wing is all out of shape and the lines are mostly slack. I think he's even higher than the wing when I shot him. There was also some guy on the ground trying to throw a big bag of trash at his buddy as he was trying to land. Total weirdos.