Thursday, October 11, 2007

Salmon & Salmon Days

Living in Issaquah is funny. Every year they close down the streets for the Salmon Days festival. It's really just another street fair, but since it's just around the corner we feel obligated to check it out. The weather was pretty bad this year. But I found a few minutes of near dryness to walk the camera.

Here's picture of a salmon a few days before the festivities when the sun was cooperating. The river running through this festival reeks of dead fish. Yay!

Here's a section of the street with some cool person wearing a coat 10x too big. I love the weather here.

Some dressed up dog that amused me. Not so much for his costume, but because he's perched on this guy.

Here's a band with 3 guitars (not including the bass)! They also had a lead singer and someone working a harmonica. Here's what I think is a little odd besides all that...

This guy was the lead, but he's playing the wrong end of the fret board for that in my opinion.

This guy was the rhythm, but also playing the wrong end of the fret board for that.

Best of all, this guy has capoed the first fret. I hope he's got the volume way down.

Then I walked by some bird presentation. I liked the special bird helmet and the T-shirts in the background.

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