Friday, August 12, 2011

water drops

Had a chance to shoot more water drops the other day. This time I had a real macro lens and an pcb einstein to work with. I also used a 580ex, but can't remember which ones. For both the power was at near minimum and aimed at a red background.
For the dropper I used a ziploc bag suspended so one corner was hanging down and poked a hole there. The drops were pretty steady and not too fast or slow.
Depth of field is ridiculously shallow that close, even at f/16, so focusing was tough. I think I'd start a drip, then hold something, like the pin I used to stab the water bag, where the drops were hitting, with one hand while focusing with the other.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Mei Mei and Ry Ry

some of us have decided that hijacking the jasonography blog to post baby pictures and updates was unsustainable, so we started another one:
go get ur cuteness fix ;)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seafair 2011

Took Ry to Seafair this year and managed to get a few photos too.
I decided to try some "slow" shutter speeds to get some panning blur.
Used a 70-200 2.8 IS + EF2xii = 400mm.
I found that when shooting planes: 1/100 mostly junk, 1/200 not enough blur, 1/160 just about right. I think that's because the planes aren't often going exactly perpendicular to me, and are usually pretty far away.
When shooting boats: 1/200 was great. They were often much closer and moving mostly perpendicular.

Chimping instead of shooting, or watching the ominous crane above.

I'm always surprised how low and close together they get. I can only imagine the conversation is constantly "dude, get off me."

Went with fast shutter speeds for the wakeboarding.

It gets really loud over those houses.

This is the event I'm always trying to catch and it keeps me coming back. I think the slow shutter speed helps show it better.

I-90 makes a nice background.

Didn't often get two lined up in the right place at the right time and in focus.

I didn't see this until I was processing later: the tail has departed the 'plane. The best part is the leftover vertical part naturally folds... right into the blazing hot exhaust... which melts it down. I wonder if they recovered the gopro?

Nice to see the tail isn't necessary for a sweet rooster tail or even finishing the race, though he did come in last.