Sunday, February 15, 2009

High speed sync flash - water drops

Not hard to set up, but difficult to get right. High speed sync is just a button on a flash, but it lets me shoot at 1/8000th of a second. Setting the flash inches from the glass of water allows me to shoot at f/8 too... and it gets the flash wet.
I had the flash connected to the camera with two off camera hot shoe cords. I liked the light coming from behind and aimed up a little. Shutter speed and aperture were 1/8000 & f/8 mostly. ISO between 100-400. The camera was on a tripod and the lens was as close as it could focus. Live view helps a lot. I had one glass filled with water and poured water into it with one hand while I held down the button the cable release with the other. Flash was in manual mode at 1/128 or 1/64. Paper towels were everywhere.

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