Friday, September 11, 2009

Rylan Edward Meert

Happy birthday to me, our baby officially has a name: Rylan Edward Meert!!!

When he was born I immediately noticed something about him looked like, or reminded me, of Charlie's dad. I think it was his eyes. Edward was his middle name, and I like it.

Rylan is much more complicated. The two names at or near the top of our lists were Ryan and Dylan. When we asked a very dear friend for advice he suggested Rylan. After a few more days of intense negotiations we finally decided he'd be Rylan and made the phone call to make it official on my birthday, yay!


Delaney said...

Jason! Congrats on your new baby boy! I had no idea. I guess that's what happens when your off-line for 9 months. Anyway I found a job in Fall City at a place called Allstar. Hey hit me up,

Gene Trent said...

Excellent choice of a name! Couldn't be better. Good and manly too.