Sunday, July 31, 2011

Maylee Meert

When I first saw her I thought something about her looked like my dad. And my dad's mom's name was May.
Her nickname has always been Mei Mei (which is Chinese for "little sister" and pronounced "May May"). Mei Li is Chinese for beautiful. So we decided Maylee would be a great name.

Mei Mei was born early, at almost 30 weeks, while we were on vacation in Tennessee. We woke up around midnight Friday 6/3 and found that C's water had broken. We went to the local hospital in Crossville, TN. They didn't have facilities to take on an early baby, so we were transferred to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

At 5 am C needed IV magnesium, which is used to try to stop labor. (And for the first time in two pregnancies she complained of being too hot!). The contractions were regular for a while, then tapered off in the middle of the day and we were encouraged.

By mid afternoon the contractions picked up again, and were painful enough that C needed breathing exercises to get through them.
At about 8:30 pm they found C was 4 cm dilated, and determined that she was likely laboring and the baby was probably going to make her appearance sooner than later. The contractions were getting progressively more painful at this point, but still didn't seem as bad as with Rylan.
Around 9:30 pm C was shocked to already feel the baby's head descending. We immediately called the nurse and soon a flood of people rushed into the room to prepare to help baby as soon as she was born. C had to hold on through one contraction and urge to push. For the next, enough was ready that they gave her the okay to push. And after 2 big pushes, just minutes later, she was born!

She weighed 3 lbs 9 oz and was 16.5 in long.

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