Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mountain Meadows Farm Company Picnic

This was my first time to Mountain Meadows Farm for a company picnic. I hope they do it there every year. I loved it. I was impressed with the food, games, and entertainment. Mt. Si in the background was fabulous too.
The thing I wanted to do the most was to get some fly fishing instructions since I heard there would be some. They had a few rods laying around and a pair of instructors to help whoever wanted to try. The instructors were great but I was really bad. Even C tried helping me after she figured it out. I told her I needed to try it in Alaska. Ha! I got the string tangled on the pole twice. That's pretty bad.
On our way out we stopped by the giant basketball court. That was totally cool. I don't think I ever made a basket but it was too fun to worry about things like that.

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