Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mariner's Game

We went to a Seattle Mariner's game last night. When I walked in the gate I got a free shirt. It says #1 Dad on it though. It fit and it was free so I love it. It was a decent game, but they lost. We really went there for the garlic fries. Safeco Field is so interesting that we got up and walked it twice during the game. The stadium has a beautiful view of the Olympic mountains and most of downtown Seattle. We found a fearless seagull that didn't mind having his picture taken.

If the photo is black & white or red & white it was shot in IR. I tried using the digital infrared 10D but the results weren't thrilling me. It is nice that the field lights put out a pretty good amount of IR light though. Focusing at 300mm is a little off.


Kelly said...

i love this! its awesome :] and if you went to kevins was at safeco field! but dont worry, you are FOR DEFINATELY coming to mine so dont plan anything on the last two weeks of June of 2008 cuz its a big day

and this blog is tight. <3

Afsi said...

The IR looks pretty least, not diabolic, like those scary shots of me. Liking the new blog and looking forward to more posts.

jasonography said...

K, i'll put your grad on my calendar right now! :)
From the upper levels at Safeco we did get to see the huge screen in the Qwest stadium and there was a graduation going on during the M's game. I think it was Garfield HS?

A, I'm learning to correctly process IR so they don't look quite so scary. But I think the scary ones are kinda cool. Sometimes. :)