Saturday, June 23, 2007

We finally got a new car

It's blue (most important), it's an outback (not quite an FJ like I hoped), and we're thrilled it's over (finally)!!
I think we dealt with 2 dealers and 4 different salesmen over a couple weeks.

It had dog hair all over it when we first drove it. But they cleaned it before we took it home. I doubt we'll use the heated seats very much. But the ground clearance is going to be awesome.
Now we'll have to try some of those really rough forest roads on our next backpacking trip!

This first picture has more significance because of the lens I used (more on that later)...

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Kelly said...

YOU GOT A NEW CAR YAAAY im so happy i get to ride in a new car!! and you get to pack more little pathfinders into your new car haha thats very exciting :] good picture of you [the last one] c is a good photographer haha <3