Friday, June 22, 2007

Pete Lake Backpacking (retro post)

(retro post = out of chronological order, a.k.a. Jason's catching up)

On Memorial Day weekend C and I went backpacking. But it was too early in the season for off-roading in the corolla. We were headed to Hyas Lake but didn't make it because of all the snow still on the road.
In one spot I found a way to drive around the snow-blocked road only to find an even bigger pile of snow. I eased the car up to the edge of the snow to confirm it was too high and we'd just get stuck. About then some random guy comes running out of the woods where he and all his friends were partying to tell us that they'd never seen a car make it this far and that it only gets worse farther along.
C still wanted to ram the snow pile and not give up on the weekend. I eventually talked her out of it. It took about a half hour though. She doesn't give up easily. She claims she's going to bring a snow shovel next time and dig us a way through if she has to. We agreed to try a few other forest roads we passed on our way in.
It was late in the evening, when we finally found the trailhead to Pete Lake and decided to try it. There was plenty of snow on the trail, but gaiters weren't really necessary. We crossed a whole bunch of streams and rivers along the way. While still a mile short of the lake magic hour arrived. So C and I took advantage of the good lighting and shot a picture of each other without even stopping to take our packs off.
We had to walk to the far side of the lake before we found an available campsite. I think it was the best one.
The next day we got up really late and I walked around the lake to take a few pictures.
For being plan C or D, it turned out pretty well.

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