Saturday, July 14, 2007


We took the Corolla in to get detailed. It was looking pretty old and the seats really needed to be cleaned. We dropped it off before they opened, paid over the phone, and picked it up after they closed.
After work the next day I parked it in Bellevue for a couple hours. When I came out it started up with a bit of trouble. As I drove off it didn't have much power and seemed to be dying. Then when I got to the first stop sign it totally quit. I started it back up and when I put it in gear it stalled again. I managed to drive it, with embarrassing flashers going and stalling repeatedly, a few blocks to a parking lot near the highway.
I got to sweat it out in the hot sun waiting for the tow truck to take me two miles down the road to get it fixed.

The detailers had power washed the engine and gotten water in some spark plug wire tubes. It apparently took a day for the water to soak through some seals before it started shorting the spark plugs. I'm glad I still had enough dry hamsters under the hood to get me a few blocks down the road.

The detailers did a fabulous job, it just cost us twice as much as we thought it would.

Fortunately I had the digicam to keep me occupied while I waited.

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