Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jello Rainbow (One ring to rule them all!)

It's so pretty.

This is how much I love jello. I finally made the ultimate jello dessert; the jello rainbow. It took me 4 hours. I learned that you have to "mostly" cool each layer before you pour it on. If it's too hot it melts the layer underneath and the colors mix and "ruin" both layers. FYI each color gets divided in half, the first one goes on clear, and the second one gets sour cream to make it more opaque.

The hardest part was getting it out of the mold.

A friend recently got me the mold for this type of thing, so I had to try it out when they came over for lunch.

The most surprising thing is that it tastes pretty good. I was expecting the combination of flavors to ruin it. I can't describe what it tastes like, but C actually likes it. (She normally avoids my jellos)

I apologize for the poor quality of these pictures. I could hardly wait to eat it. If this were any other subject I could probably control myself long enough to take decent pictures. :)

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