Sunday, July 1, 2007


I got C a digicam. a Canon SD800IS. It rocks. It's fast, the face detection focus system really works! And it's small and light, unlike all my gear.

She made me list (in an email) all the reasons I wanted this one instead of something worthless and trashy, I mean cheaper, before I was authorized to buy it. Good thing I like to make informed decisions once in awhile. I rattled off a series of things that I wasn't sure she'd even read. Next time I'll write something about how it'll do the dishes to see if she's paying attention.

C diligently opened the manual to learn more about it, but thanks to tech-support-hero-Kelly (who has one too) she didn't get very far. Whew!

It arrived just in time for her trip to Virginia. I hope she uses it to shoot pictures of all the relatives I'm missing and videos of her sister being herself. :)

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