Monday, July 23, 2007

Lensbabies Creative Apertures

I got a Lensbaby a year or two ago and use it occasionally. I like it because it's weird. Then I found the Creative Aperture Kit. It came with a heart, a star, and 5 blanks with instructions to make your own. I finally went to the craft store this evening and punched out 3 more.
It's really hard to do because these punches were designed for paper, not thick plastic apertures. Since the apertures are smaller than the punch I had to tape it to a piece of paper, facing the correct direction, then mark the middle with a pencil, and start the punch upside down so I could see the mark through the bottom. I wonder how these pictures would look if the "hole" wasn't centered?
Anyway, I found that the more complicated the design/number of edges the harder it is to punch through.
I think the butterfly looks cool. It was also the easiest to punch.

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Kelly said...

whoaa i love your jello-ness. do you feel guilty for not sharing with me? hahaha my friend made 3 layer jello and it was really good. except the middle, she put condensed milk and it tasted like nothing but sugar. so that was a bummer. but anyways, lensbabies = coolio. i want to use those for my xmas pictures! haha or a field of daisies. theyre awesome possum tho. ya know? and im sad your poor corolla broke down! yikes

off to bed i go, for realz. not!
haha bye <3