Saturday, July 7, 2007

Issaquah Zoo

I realize the Issaquah Zoo is really called the Cougar Mountain Zoo, but Issaquah is easier to find.

It's really small, but not bad. They do have cougars there and they were walking around at the end of the day. They showed off some baby tigers for so long that the crowd mostly disappeared before they put them away. That's hard to do because these babies were totally cute and so playful. So I got to get close enough to get some decent pictures.

I got to feed some llamas. They made hilarious whimpering noises when they saw they were about to get fed. They are gentle when they eat out of your hand. Some of the other large birds peck pretty hard. The cougars made some funny noises too. They really are just big cats. Really big.

We also ran in to Baby J & family who we haven't seen in way too long.

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